What is Full-HD Voice?


  • With Full-HD Voice telephone calls sound as clear as talking to someone in the same room.
  • Full-HD Voice delivers four times the audio spectrum of today’s regular phone calls.
  • It delivers twice the audio spectrum of HD Voice services.
  • Full-HD Voice runs at similar bit-rates compared to HD Voice and regular phone services.

How does Full-HD Voice sound like?


Video: Fraunhofer IIS presents EVS


Satisfy your customers

Full-HD Voice will bring telephony to a level of fidelity your customers are accustomed to and expect in all other areas of their everyday digital life.


Prepare yourself

Full-HD Voice is the future of communications in any market and application. All relevant standards groups have recently standardized Full-HD Voice codecs such as EVS and AAC-ELD. Don’t be left behind with legacy phone services.


Enhance conversation

Full-HD Voice services allow for a natural communication experience in which telephone calls are as clear as two people talking in the same room. This high quality specification enables companies to offer new, innovative services that help to retain existing customers – and attract new ones. New services could include interactive music, rich live chat or augmented audio realities for gaming.